YouTube for the Fandom Loving Soul, Vol 4: Disney Jan19


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YouTube for the Fandom Loving Soul, Vol 4: Disney

Image from Darth Vader and Princess Leia parody.
New from the Geekdom House Records! Four explosive hits from original stars! It’s the YouTube for the Fandom-Loving Soul, Volume Four, featuring great artists and great videos of the greatest found in Disney and all things geek. That’s right, we’re mashing those things together!

Debs & Errol, Nib Oswald, Blind Ferret Studios, and EsquirebobAnimations. Never before have these artists ever been together on one page. All of this for the low low price of FREE, made in three easy installments. That’s Geekdom House Records and the Videos for the Fandom Loving Soul Volume Four: Geek-Disney Parodies. Don’t wait. Watch now.

1. Make it So (Frozen and Star Trek)

2. Darth Vader & Princess Leia (Aladdin and Star Wars)

3. Looking for Group: Slaughter Your World (The Little Mermaid and fantasy)

Honourable Mention: Make a ‘Mon Out of You (Mulan and Pokemon)

Kyle Rudge

Kyle Rudge

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Kyle Rudge