YouTube for the Fandom Loving Soul, Vol 2: Harry Potter

Image from Origins of the Heir fanmade trailer.
New from the Geekdom House Records! Four explosive hits from original stars! It’s the YouTube for the Fandom-Loving Soul, Volume Two, featuring the Potterverse.

The Second City, Neil Cicierega, Broad Strokes, and the much anticipated TheDCTVshow all make the cut in this once-in-a-lifetime combination that will knock your socks off. All for the low price of FREE. Money back guaranteed. Don’t wait. Watch now.

1. HOGWARTS: Which House Are You?

2. Potter Puppet Pals

3. The Greater Good – Dumbledore and Grindelwald

Honourable Mention: VOLDEMORT: Origins of the Heir Trailer

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Kyle Rudge

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