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Wolf Children and a Mother’s Sacrifice

Promotional image from Wolf Children.

Hana from Wolf Children is the ultimate mother. After unexpectedly becoming a single parent, she gives up everything to take care of her two babies, Ame and Yuki. She gives up university, living in the convenience of the city, and the entire direction of her life to ensure that her children grow up healthy and happy. Her sacrifice and perseverance touches me deeply and I can’t help being reminded of my own mother.

My mom took care of my sister and me while she was in an unhappy marriage so we could grow up with a father in our lives. To me, that sacrifice is as big as raising us as a single mom. She chose to live unhappily so her children could live happily. When Ame and Yuki were babies, Hana barely had time to sleep or eat or do anything for herself while she took care of them. She too lived unhappily for a time for the sake of her children.

To give us more freedom in our education, my mom homeschooled us. Much of the research she did herself to provide the best education she could while also letting us grow up with plenty of extracurricular activities and time for fun. Similarly (somewhat), Hana researched everything she could to ensure she could raise Ame and Yuki as both humans and wolves. She wanted to give them the freedom to choose which path they wanted.

Both of these mothers gave their children the freedom to choose their future paths and did so without judgement.

When my sister and I grew into our teenage years, our relationship with our dad became strained to the point my mom felt like we should leave him. In a matter of days, she packed up everything and moved us to the city where we could live closer to family and have more opportunity for jobs and futures while at a safe distance from our dad. Hana moved her children from Tokyo to the country, so they could have the freedom to roam as wolves. Like my mom did for work, Hana had to drive long commutes to get to work and take her children to school, but both of these mothers did it anyway, because they loved their children.

Both of these mothers gave their children the freedom to choose their future paths and did so without judgement. My mom let my sister move back in with our dad and later and supported her taking a job as a nanny. She encouraged me to be a writer, which has been my dream since I was young. Hana let Ame grow into a wolf and let Yuki grow into a human, who at twelve moved away to a school dorm quite far from her mother.

With models such as these, it makes me wonder what I’ll be like as a mother. Will I ever be able to live up to the beauty and sacrifice of women like these? I enjoy my private time a lot, I’m not sure I’m brave enough to ever leave everything I know to move somewhere else, and sometimes I can be judgmental of other people’s decisions. I wonder if this will change if I have children. Will I somehow gain a love for them after they’re born or is this something in me that already exists?

This is a mystery to me, one that may not be solved unless I become a mother. For now, I will always admire women like my mom, Hana, and many other mothers I know. They work so hard for those they love, yet sometimes receive so little in return. That’s why on Mother’s Day and all the days after I make a point to honour my mother for all she’s done for the family, for all the time, sleep, and dreams she’s sacrificed for me. I love you, Mom, and thank you for everything. Happy Mother’s Day.

Victoria Grace Howell

Victoria Grace Howell

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