Video game music that we love

Screenshot from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Since May is our music-themed month, we will be regaling you with fun playlists every Friday. This is some of our favourite tunes from awesome video games. We love that the Civilization IV song is the Lord’s Prayer. And also, Lindsey Stirling is one of our favourite musicians of all time; go listen to all her stuff on YouTube.

“Zelda Medley” (Lindsey Stirling)

This gives us the feels. Time to go play Ocarina of Time.


“Baba Yetu” (Civilization IV)

This is actually the Lord’s Prayer in Swahili. It was the first video game theme nominated for a Grammy.


“Never Forget” (Halo)

We will never forget how amazing the Halo soundtrack is.


“Fear Not This Night” (Guild Wars 2)

This Guild Wars 2 song is our sandwich, along with the game itself.


“One Winged Angel” (Final Fantasy VII)

You can’t go wrong with Final Fantasy music. Really, it’s all good.

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AoE Staff

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Several Area of Effect writers contributed to create this article. Either that, or it was Gaius Baltar in Rivendell with the Master Sword.
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