TV themes that we sing along to

Dean rocking out to Eye of the Tiger. Screenshot from the CW's Supernatural.
Since May is our music-themed month, we will be regaling you with fun playlists every Friday. These are the geek television intros that are songs with lyrics by various bands.


“Big Bang Theory Theme” by Barenaked Ladies (The Big Bang Theory)

We’re going wherever the music takes us, kitten.

“Short Skirt Long Jacket” by Cake (Chuck)

The first song in our stakeout mix.

“Save Me” by Remy Zero (Smallville)

This one is not in our stakeout mix.

“Carry on my Wayward Son” by Kansas (Supernatural)

This song reminds us we’re hungry for pie.

“Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett (Freaks and Geeks)

You know what happens to people with bad reputations, don’t you, Sam? They end up getting killed in jail.

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AoE Staff

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Several Area of Effect writers contributed to create this article. Either that, or it was Gaius Baltar in Rivendell with the Master Sword.
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