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"Pinky & the Brain" | Art by thekeyofE. Used with permission.
Some of these shows we grew up watching, some we discovered later in life. We contest that at the heart of these shows is something special. We hope to see them resurrected one day, so that the sight of fans dressed up as Pinky and the Brain at Comic Con will no longer be uncommon.

Weird Science (1994) – Two teenage boys create their own digital genie who happens to be, well, a teenage boy’s fantasy. It may sound horrifically sexist, but it was a great coming of age show where these two characters grew up and saw the interior of the being they created. And then of course there are scenes like the one you’ll see if you click the link above.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (1988) – The heart of this show has already lived on for years as commentary on news media. It’s called The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. Simply switch the focus back to bad movies and for so long as Michael Bay keeps making movies they will never run out of content.

ALF (1986) – Remember the ending? No? It remains one of the most horrific cliffhangers of my childhood. All is not right with the world until we see a happy ending for our favourite cat-eating alien.

Rocket Robin Hood (1966) – A Canadian classic! The fact that it was the Wandering Minstrel’s most requested song at C4 in Winnipeg, there is something here. Update the premise, make it live-action, and we find ourselves flying on the outskirts of space as a band of anti-heroes doing good in a world of grey—taking from the rich, keeping a little for themselves, and giving rest to the poor. Get yourself a charismatic sarcastic captain, a love interest for the will-they-or-won’t-they storyline, a kind-hearted engineer, a holy man… wait.

Airwolf (1984) – The arguably cooler version of Knight Rider—without the talking car.

Dinosaurs (1991) – The ending was pretty soul-crushing. Literally EVERYONE DIES. We, again, need redemption. What if when the geneticists at Jurassic Park ended up bringing Earl Sinclair back to life? YES.

Young Justice (2010) – Two seasons in and the show was cancelled, not because nobody liked it, but because it was not liked by the right gender. At least that’s the rumour. Some of the characters might be coming back, but how that fits we’re truly baffled.

Are You Afraid of the Dark (1990) – If I grew up with nightmares as a result of some excellent Canadian programming; my kids should too!

Pinky and the Brain (1995) – Are you pondering what I am pondering? I couldn’t decide between this and Darkwing Duck. The creativity needed to update their iconic lines with hilarity every single time is truly a work of art that needs to be continued.

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