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The Unity Project

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There are far too few people in this world who think a weekend of fun is clearing one’s entire schedule and learning a completely new computer language. It can feel a little like the matrix, as there are some core principles in every language. But each language has its own way of decorating and manipulating those principles. I find it exhilarating to sail through that sea of computer languages. Even if my rudder gets broken along the way.

It should come then as no surprise when the sponsored ad for Udemy’s “Learn To Code by Making Games – Complete Unity 5 Developer” course came up on my Facebook news feed at 75% off. Their targeted marketing algorithm worked perfectly. I was instantly intrigued by the prospect of what Udemy was. Lately, I have been enthralled with scripting languages, the freedom they present and even the awful problems they can create. To say it simply, OOP is my jam—Udemy bring it on!

The hope at Geekdom House is to find the right engine to drive a whole new area of impact in our community. Our dream is to help inner-city kids who might not have the access or opportunity to learn to code their own games. Can you imagine what these kids could come up with if they encounter the art of making video games? What if it brought them together, gave them a purpose and a direction, gave them hope that they can be masters of their own destiny, and gave them the job skills to see it all through? What if we took the games to market and used the proceeds for scholarships so those kids could go to school?

Who knows what is in store—but first we need the right framework. The Unity Project is going our attempt at taking the first steps towards the goal.

Kyle Rudge

Kyle Rudge

Admiral at Geekdom House
Kyle is an avid web developer and programmer with a strong tendency to be distracted by marathon watching various television shows. While he loved to write in several languages, most of them are based on 1's and 0's.
Kyle Rudge