The Ultimate Avengers’ Playlist

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The Guardians of the Galaxy have their ’70s tunes, but barring the occasional Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin song, the Avengers are a bit short on theme music. There may not be much time for aesthetics while Thanos threatens the galaxy, but each hero on the team deserves a signature song as unique as they are. Here are some potential theme songs worthy of Earth’s mightiest heroes:

1. Captain America: “Hero,” Kutless

We first saw the hero in Steve Rogers when he was the little guy, too weak to win a fight but too brave to run from one. During those rough years when Steve was regularly beat up and bullied, I think he would have found encouragement in this song.

2. Iron Man: “Mr. Roboto,” Styx

Tony Stark is known for his bravado, but he also deals with a plethora of fears and insecurities that he doesn’t want anyone to see. His Iron Man suits are a way for him to help other people, but also for him to hide from his own fears, and this song captures that dichotomy.

3. Hulk: “Monster,” Skillet

Especially during his early days as an Avenger, Bruce Banner fears his Hulk persona and struggles to keep “the other guy” contained. Because he self-labels himself a monster, I think Bruce would identify with the struggle expressed in this song.

4. Thor: “Thunder,” Imagine Dragons

Self-described as a “hotheaded fool,” Thor has always been one to charge into a fight and consider a plan afterwards. This song perfectly suits his power and reckless nature, even mentioning his “quick fuse” that has gotten his enemies in trouble on countless occasions.

5. Black Widow: “Fight Song,” Rachel Platten

Natasha Romanoff’s bloody and abusive past can rival the hardships of any of the Avengers, and yet, she’s one of the most reliable and selfless members of the team. She’s come a long way in dealing with her insecurities, and her consistent choice to stand up for herself and others makes this song perfect for her.

6. Hawkeye: “The Arrow,” Aaron Watson

Clint Barton is far more than the “arrow guy” among the Avengers; he also provides invaluable support and stability to his teammates. This song captures Clint’s ability to advise his friends, and its country sound nods toward Hawk’s penchant for farm living.

7. Scarlet Witch: “I Am Invincible,” Cassadee Pope

Wanda Maximoff has been through plenty of hard times and repeatedly lost the people she loves most. While these losses have broken her, she hasn’t let them destroy her. Wanda continues to make sacrifices in spite of the pain, and that’s what makes her invincible.

8. Vision: “Android,” Press Play

Created through the combined efforts of Ultron, Dr. Cho, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, J.A.R.V.I.S., and Thor, Vision has a background complex enough to make anyone question their identity. Vision is constantly trying to understand himself and the humans he’s surrounded with, and this song suits his desire to be known as a man instead of an android.

9. Doctor Strange: “Clocks,” Coldplay

Stephen Strange never wanted to become a superhero; he accidentally entered the role while trying to recover his old life and heal his injured body. This song speaks to that struggle, and the references to time allude to Dr. Strange’s discovery of the Eye of Agamotto (a.k.a. the Time Stone).

10. Loki: “Behind Blue Eyes,” The Who

Although not officially accepted as an Avenger, Loki’s last stand against Thanos loosely qualifies him as part of the team and qualifies him as a hero. Prior to that, however, Loki struggled with his identity and switched sides between good and evil often. This song expresses his feelings of being misunderstood and even references his infamous habit of lying.

What songs would you like set to slow-mo Avengers scenes someday?

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