The Heart Behind Geekdom House

"The creation of Metal Sonic" | Art by Nerkin. Used with permission.
The primary operating belief behind Geekdom House is that both the Christian community and the nerd and geek community have something to offer one another. We are not trying to Christian-ify the nerd and geek community, but our philosophy is about creating a space where both groups can interact with each other. We want to be honest about our love for all things nerd and geek related and not be afraid to engage with it on a philosophical, spiritual, and faith-based level. We want both communities to have a positive impact on each other.

“We believe that being righteous is far more valuable than arrogantly being right.”

We truly believe that there are those within both communities that love to engage in rich discussions about the metaphysical. We believe this because for years many of us have found ourselves with feet in both camps. Area of Effect, as a publication, is meant to be a place where we band together in our love for all things nerd and geek related, and we hope to inspire moral, ethical, and metaphysical discussion. We are honest that our bias is rooted within Christianity, but we humbly believe that we, too, are mere Padawans on our journeys.

As an organization we do not have a unified theology, and each staff/writer/minion has their own interpretations and understandings. We do have though the expectation that none of us truly believe we have it all figured out. We believe that being righteous is far more valuable than arrogantly being right. We are open to discussion, open to being wrong, and open to learning more from anyone about who we are, why we are here, and what our purpose is.

We hope that, as Christians, by making an honest and earnest creative contribution to the community, others (regardless of their faith background) will accept our invitation to have discussions about these things in the nerd and geek community that we all love so dearly. We love having these discussions and we hate having to leave our faith at the door. We want to bring ours and let you bring yours while we figure this all out together.

Let the discussions begin.

Kyle Rudge

Kyle Rudge

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