The Best of Area of Effect 2016 Dec30


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The Best of Area of Effect 2016

Overlay photo from Con Man, artwork by contributing artists.
Happy new year!! If you’re new to Area of Effect or want to catch up on some reading you might have missed, here are the top Editors’ Picks from 2016. Let us know your favourite article in the comments, and what you hope to see us write about in 2017. Cheers, y’all.

1. “The Gift We Can’t Earn” by Charles Sadnick — on Clannad After Story
2. “Pain Can’t Keep us Together” by Casey Covel — on Kiznaiver
3. “Choosing Peace in Nausicaa’s Wake” by Charles Sadnick — on Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind

1. “One of Your Many Toys” by Dustin Schellenberg — on Suicide Squad
2. “Losing to Win: Doctor Strange and Fear” by Victoria Grace Howell — on Doctor Strange
3. “A Bizarro Kind of Love” by Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry — on Superman the Animated Series

1. “I Must Not Tell Lies” by Kyla Neufeld — on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
2. “Of Mice and Words” by Casey Covel — on the Redwall series by Brian Jacques
3. “Call Me Treebeard” by Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry — on The Lord of the Rings

1. “Stranger Things: The Villains in Authority” by Michael Boyce — on Stranger Things
2. “I Ain’t Afraid of No Truth” by Kevin Cummings — on Ghostbusters
3. “Identifying with a Sarcastic Martian” by Allison Barron — on The Martian

1. “Confessions of a DM: NPCs are People Too” by Sheela Cox — on Dungeons and Dragons
2. “Keeping it in the Game” by Michael Penner — on Settlers of Catan
3. “Not Just a Board Game Design Class” by Kevin Cummings

1. “A Colossal Lie” by Casey Covel — on Shadow of the Colossus
2. “Our Response to Fear and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” by Dustin Schellenberg — on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
3. “Life, Death, and Mario Kart” by Kyle Rudge — on Mario Kart

1. “Dear Anakin” by Jason Dueck
2. “Hymns and Heroes: 10 Matches Made in Heaven” by Casey Covel
3. “Superheroes Who Didn’t Make the Cut” by Michael Boyce

1. “Fiction on my Skin: Connecting through Cosplay” by Casey Covel
2. “Confessions of a Tech Addict” by Robert Martin
3. “Nerely Myself: Con Man and Identity” by Jason Dueck

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AoE Staff

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