Teamwork for the win

League of Legends official teambuilder wallpaper.
The other day, I watched a professional League of Legends match while I was washing the dishes. I can’t remember exactly which teams were playing because I was focusing on the dishes, like a good husband. And one of the casters remarked how the team (I will call them Team Talent) with the big statistical advantage in the game was not guaranteed to win.

“It’s a team game,” he said.

I understood what he meant. Team Talent’s players were good enough to have gained a massive advantage in the early part of the game, where the ten players are spread out across the map and engaging in small skirmishes. But now the time for small fights in the game was coming to an end. The teams started to group and the  “small skirmishes” became full blown team fights.

When I fall, I am not alone; my team is there to pick me back up.

However, the team with the severe disadvantage (I’ll call them Team Underdog) was better at teamwork, and they knew it. They played it calm and patiently waited for their moment to strike.

I am pretty sure the dishes took twice as long as normal for me that night. I watched Team Underdog walk along a knife’s edge. Just one mistake at this point would be enough for the other team to destroy them.

Then Team Underdog suddenly struck as if they had finally found that crack in the armor they were looking for. In a moment the battlefield was a flurry of flashes.

Of the ten players, only two came out alive, and barely. But they were on Team Underdog. With no one left to stop them, victory soon followed.

As I finished the dishes, I thought about the caster’s words: “It’s a team game.” I find it beautiful to watch a team like Underdog execute a strategy in perfect precision like they had done. It’s almost as though they were reading each other’s minds.

What is it that inspires good teamwork and good relationships? I looked down at the clean dish in my hand. Doing the dishes is something I do for myself, but also for my wife. We often share the regular household duties. Sometimes I cook, sometimes I clean, sometimes I do both. We care about each other, we’re committed to a life together.

I have a habit of taking random words from songs and using them for my own devices. How many times have I have sung a half line from one of Lorde’s songs to my wife: “we’re on each other’s team.”

“We’re on each other’s team.”

I think solid relationships have much in common with good teamwork. Being unselfish, communicating and encouraging, these things are key to a good relationship (in my experience). I might be able to solo my lane at an S-level, but in the end, if I can’t work with my comrades, what good is that?

Sometimes it feels like the enemy is too strong, whatever they might by—an argument, a tragedy, a falling out. These things take a lead in the early game and now each step is a struggle because they have the potential to snowball into something bigger.

Teamwork is not easy; it’s something that develops over time and often comes with failure. Failing is scary, because it does not only affect me, but my whole team. For me that means my family. But when I fall, I am not alone; my team is there to pick me back up, and I’m so thankful they are because I don’t know if I could have gotten up otherwise. Then I fight harder, harder than I ever have before. Not only for myself, but for my team.

The teams on top are always practicing, just like the rest. Relationships don’t just appear out of nowhere. They take time and effort and practice—and sometimes doing the dishes.

Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson

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