Star Wars books for kids

"Star Destroyer" | Art by ashasylum. Used with permission.
So you want your kids (or nieces or nephews or cousins) to love Star Wars as much as you do? Consider reading some of these series with them. I grew up reading these and they still have a fond place in my heart. In honour of May the 4th, you might want to check some of these out!

1. Junior Jedi Knights by Nancy Richardson

This series is about Han and Leia’s son (that’s right) Anakin, his friend Tahiri, and their adventures while training at the Jedi Academy. R2D2 is along for the journey as well, of course. When you’re done these, try the Young Jedi Knight series, which is about Han and Leia’s older children, twins Jacen and Jaina.

2. Jedi Apprentice by Jude Watson

Ever wonder what Obi-Wan was like as a kid? Short answer: he was awesome. But to find out why, you’d have to read the Jedi Apprentice series. It begins with Obi-Wan being sent away from the Temple because he passed the age he was supposed to be accepted as an apprentice and Qui-Gon refused to take him on.

3. Galaxy of Fear by John Whitman

Tash and Zak, survivors of the destruction of their home planet Alderaan because they were off world at the time, accompany their uncle around the galaxy as he studies sapient races. And they encounter some really scary things. Seriously. These books are creepy. But for some reason, I couldn’t read enough of them as a kid. Watch out for cameo appearances by some classic Star Wars characters.

What were your favourite Star Wars books to read as a kid?

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