Siblings We Love from Geek Culture

"Swingers" | Art by OtisFrampton. Used with permission.
We’re talking a lot about siblings this month in Area of Effect! Here are some of our readers’ and writers’ favourites from geek culture—and most of these relationships are defined by a willingness to support each other and grow, allowing the relationship to change and strengthen as the individuals change. Others, of course, end with one killing the other.

1. River and Simon Tam, Firefly

Simon gives up everything for River because of his unconditional love for her. And River, in turn, trusts Simon completely even when nothing else makes sense to her.

—Marilyn Rudge

2. The Weasleys, Harry Potter

Especially Fred and George. You can just tell they’re a close family, even though Percy leaves for a while (they welcome him back).

—Kyla Neufeld

3. Edward and Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist

Theirs is the kind of relationship I wish I had with my siblings. The age gap and distance between us has prevented the kind of closeness that Ed and Al enjoy. Though the presumptions that lead to conflict in the show are a little too familiar.

—Naomi Strain

4. Rodney McKay and Jean Miller, Stargate Atlantis

They are so different, but still connected. It’s nice to see someone living their own civilian life, plus the actors are brother and sister so their chemistry is really specific.

—Hannah Foulger

5. T’Challa and Shuri, Black Panther

They compliment each other so well and encourage each other’s strengths instead of being jealous of each other. Also you can just tell they’re close; they joke a lot, and they really love each other. Reminds me of me and my older brothers.

—Caitlin Eha

6. Ruby and Yang, RWBY

I love how much Ruby looks up to her sister at first, and how that dynamic shifts as Yang faces the loss of her arm and doesn’t know how to handle it. They support each other, learn from each other, and forgive each other.

—Allison Barron

7. Violet, Sunny, and Klaus, A Series of Unfortunate Events

In the books, they’re a great team and strong where the other is weak.

—Alex Mellen

8. Chuck and Ellie Bartowski, Chuck

Even through all the confusion and seeming betrayal Ellie goes through, she always supports Chuck and comes through for him when he needs it.

—Michael Penner

9. Shea and Flick Ohmsford, The Sword of Shannara

This was the first story I read where a character was not hated because he was adopted. There was no evil step mother, no siblings making him do all the chores, and no living in a closet under the stairs. Shea was treated equal in all ways. It’s the way I feel I need to treat my family, whether they are related to me by blood or just friendship.

—Dan Good

10. Savage and Feral, The Clone Wars

They had such a close friendship, but it ended in tragedy when Savage was corrupted by the dark side and killed his own brother. One of the saddest and most brutal moments of the show.

—Aidan Zeglinski

Who would you add to this list?

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