Remember Chuck? Prove it.

Promotional photo from NBC's Chuck.

When the Geekdom House small group embarks upon a study series, it is rare that there is one show that everyone gets excited about. We all have our likes, dislikes, and preferences. But there was one show, for some reason, that every single member agreed on: Chuck.

Whether it was the love story of Chuck and Sarah that evolved past the Ross and Rachel (or Dawson and Joey) will they or won’t they merry-go-round, the growth of an everyday hero with a pure heart, the one-liners of Jayne Casey (or John Cobb) or Jeffster, this show resonated with all of us.

After the five week study, Commander Allison threw together a “Chuck Trivia Night” for us to enjoy. 42 questions that ranged from as easy as eating cheese balls to requiring an intersect to know the answer.

Here is a snippet (20 of our favourite questions) of the quiz, shall we see how well you do? Onward to Buymoria!

[WpProQuiz 1]


Kyle Rudge

Kyle Rudge

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