Pi Day @ Geekdom House

Everyone's Favourite Pi-e-shaped Game
Once a year, nerds and geeks alike gather around the fireplace to celebrate Pi Day with, well, pie. We did the same because, you know, we’re geeks too.

Our goal was to have a meal with a variety of pi-es, the more creative the better. We capped the evening off with everyone’s favourite pi-e-shaped game.

The Appetizer: Pi-neapple Spears

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The Main Course: Pizza Pi-es and Shepherd Book’s Pi-e

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For Dessert: Butter Tarts, Rice Krispie Chocolate Fruit Pi-e (Commander Alli made it), Chocolate Pi-e, and of course Apple Pi-e

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The Entertainment: Trivial Pursuit

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We did modify the game a bit. Someone brought a Doctor Who version of Trivial Pursuit cards; we added these to the 1981 version of Trivial Pursuit, which well, pre-dated all but two of us. All the “Roll Again” squares on this 1981 version of the game became Doctor Who trivia. Most of the Doctor Who trivia was near impossible for anyone but the die-hard Whovians (although one question in particular seemed horribly easy).

THE ANSWER WAS THE NAME OF THE CATEGORY. (Category: Time Lords. Question: What race are the Rani, the Monk and the Valeyard? Answer: Time Lords.) Needless to say, they got it right.

What did you do for Pi-e Day this year? By the way, the owner of the Teemo cup lost Trivial pursuit.

Kyle Rudge

Kyle Rudge

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Kyle Rudge