Our Minions


kyle-400Kyle Rudge

Admiral / Founder

Kyle graduated Hogwarts as a Ravenclaw and fights crime under a superhero guise with the power of teleportation.

He comes most alive when he is telling stories, whether in print or on stage. As a huge fan of Donald Miller, the importance of story permeates everything he does. The tales found in sci-fi, fantasy, and geekery are the ones he finds himself most inspired by, so he is committed to delving deeper into the Winnipeg geek scene to find more.

Kyle is an avid web developer and programmer with a strong tendency to be distracted by marathon watching various television shows. However, as a father now, it is all too common for him to fall asleep after episode one of said marathon sessions.

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alli-400Allison Barron

Commander / Managing Editor

Hailing from Winterfell, Allison is the Galadriel of the team, offering wisdom where needed but turning treacherous as the sea when competitive board games are involved. Her house is Ravenclaw and she serves justice by using mind control (we suspect this is also how she gets the Area of Effect staff to hand in their articles on time).

Allison has loved writing and art ever since she could hold a pencil. When she’s not busy at her job as editor of Area of Effect magazine, she is often preoccupied in Hyrule, Middle-earth, or a galaxy far, far away.

After studying publishing at Ryerson University, she somehow ended up in Winnipeg (the Stark blood, perhaps?) to encourage the mashup of faith and geekery.

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Kyla Neufeld

Elven Scribe / Staff Writer / Copy Editor

Kyla is a poet, writer, and editor. She writes about various sci-fi and fantasy series, and is interested in the intersections between geek culture, feminism, and social justice. She lives in Winnipeg with her husband, the Sith Lord, and her daughter, the Nazgûl child.

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Jason Dueck

Destroyer of Worlds / Podcast Producer

A Ravenclaw through and through, Jason’s super power is traveling at light speed. Well, we call it a power, but we suspect he actually persuaded the Doctor to take him to a galaxy far, far away so he can pilot the Millennium Falcon on his days off.

Jason has been a nerd since before his hands were big enough to properly hold an N64 controller. Raised on a hearty diet of Star Wars, Pokémon, and Harry Potter, he hasn’t met a short magical creature he doesn’t like. From Captain Kirk to Commander Shepard, his love for science fiction extends to the final frontier. When Jason’s not geeking out, he’s studying communications at Red River College in Winnipeg.

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caseyCasey Covel

Keyblade Master / Staff Writer

As determined as Hawkeye and sharp as a Ravenclaw, if Casey ever turns her stern “Elrond face” on you, you know you’re in trouble (at least, that’s what we’ve heard. No one’s ever survived to tell the tale).

An INTJ and self-proclaimed connoisseur of chocolate, tea, and sushi, Casey spends her free time cosplaying, writing, gaming, philosophizing, editing articles for Geeks Under Grace, squinting at strange words, and watching Corgi videos on the internet.

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Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry

Mad Scientist / Staff Writer

Jen is a pastoral minister, wife, mother, ninja and writer. She loves sci-fi, superheroes, and classic literature, and prefers to share her Catholic faith through such lenses. Her book, “Comic Con Christianity” will be available from Paulist Press in Spring of 2018.

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Michael Boyce

Paranoid Android / Staff Writer

Michael W. Boyce is afflicted with severe boredom because he has a brain the size of a planet and he seldom gets the chance to use it at its full capacity. He boasts of a Ravenclaw education and we consider him to be our Yoda.

Michael teaches English Literature and Film Studies. He is a professor at Booth University College in Winnipeg and his other publications are scholarly works. He’s published on Hitchcock, Alec Guinness and James Bond. He likes coffee. A lot. And Jonah Ray follows him on Twitter.

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Dustin Schellenberg

Rose of the Prophet / Staff Writer

Dustin spends his time exploring the far reaches of space, understand the ancient ways of might and magic, and wandering the post-apocalyptic wastes. If it has a reasonably open world, a crafting system and some way to sneak around, he’ll be there. When not gaming, he’s probably planning his next D&D character (because his DM keeps killing off the old ones). He is a competent bass player and guitarist, mediocre mid laner and outright awful FPS player. He is father of two, husband of one, a sometimes theologian, and all-times pastor of Crestview Park Free Methodist Church in Winnipeg, MB.

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Julia Hamm

Half-Elf Warrior / Staff Writer

Julia Hamm has been exploring fantasy and sci-fi worlds since she could read, and has been making and building things for almost as long. She loves books that contain more ideas than plot, and has approximately six more hobbies than she has time for.

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Victoria Grace Howell

Waterbending Elf / Staff Writer

Victoria Grace Howell is an award-winning writer of speculative fiction and an editor for Geeks Under Grace. When not typing away at her novels, she enjoys drawing her characters, blogging, Kung Fu, cosplaying, and a really good hot cup of tea.

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Kevin Cummings

Chief Engineer / Staff Writer

Kevin grew up reading the ABCs—Asimov, Bradbury and Clarke. Since then he’s expanded his fandoms to include films, television, web series and any other geek property he can find.

He has been married to an extraordinarily patient woman for more than three decades and they have two adult sons.

Kevin also has entirely too many DVD boxes with the words “Complete Series” on the cover. He enjoys exploring themes of faith through his fandoms.

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Charles Sadnick

State Alchemist / Staff Writer

Converted from the moment he first heard Han Solo reply, “I know,” Charles resisted his nerdy urges until Hayao Miyazaki, Spike Spiegel, and Evangelion Unit-01 forced him to confront the truth of his inner geekery. Baptized into otakudom, Charles masks himself in the not-so-secret identity of TWWK as he blogs endlessly about anime and faith.

He can also be found, however, feeding his other nerd habits, including A Song of Ice and Fire. Charles also remains hopelessly stuck in the 90’s, maybe best demonstrated by his unexplainable passion for The Phantom Menace.

A historian and director at a government agency by day, Charles joins in the work of college and digital ministry is his off-time, while growing each day in the round-the-clock charge of being a husband and father.

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Matt Civico

Hungry Hobbit / Staff Writer

Matt is doing his best to prize food and cheer and song above hoarded gold; the price of books helps a lot. He lives next to “the hill” in Montreal where he teaches ESL and sometimes speaks French. He studied history and journalism and discovered only one allowed for second breakfasts, but the writing thing stuck. His bookshelves are full of board games, epic poetry, and Star Wars figurines.

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Alex Mellen

Science Officer / Staff Writer

Alex Mellen likes a little bit of everything, including movies, books, sports, music, crafts, and especially Star Wars. She works as a copy editor for a small-town newspaper while freelance writing and editing on the side.

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Caitlin Eha

Remnant Huntress / Staff Writer

A published writer and aspiring novelist, Caitlin can usually be found with her head in the clouds and her heart in a faraway land. When she isn’t devouring a new favourite book or feverishly writing one of her own, she enjoys archery, cosplaying, jewelry making, and time with her Lord.

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