Meet the Geekdom House Staff: Jason Dueck Apr19


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Meet the Geekdom House Staff: Jason Dueck

"JASON" for 100, please.

Who are the people behind Geekdom House and what do they do? You well might ask, but question no longer, because Casey Covel has gone deep into the trenches to determine who we are and what you need to know. Today’s biography and nerd-cred heavy questions are all about our Infinity +1 Producer, Jason Dueck.

A Muggleborn of sorts, Jason was born a geek into a non-geeky family and grew up in a small town with a population level of over four thousaaaaaaand—!

A fan of Star Wars, Redwall, and other geekery before it was cool, Jason’s experiences led him to connect the once-persecuted geek culture with his Christian faith and realize that the two groups had much more in common than just an ability to embrace the fantastical and supernatural.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Jason began his hero’s journey in the Creative Communications Program at Red River College, where he pursued Journalism. In order to complete an independent professional project for his degree, Jason interned at Geekdom House as a staff writer, only to discover that his passion for discourse could be more fully realized through audio. Thus did Jason pitch the Infinity +1 Podcast to Geekdom House and fulfill a lifelong dream to host his own podcast, all in one fell swoop. Legend says that Jason consumes no less than ten different podcasts per week to fuel his next brainchild.

As a part of Geekdom House’s Triforce, Jason wields the power of Conversation, driven by a passion to reexamine what he believes about faith and fiction through deep discussions with others.

We have, from a respected source, that the closest Jason has ever come to fangirling is when James Arnold Taylor recorded an intro for the Infinity +1 Podcast in the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Mind Tricks are not suspected to have been involved.

What people think Jason does for Geekdom House: Collects pop vinyls, plays video games, and tells people their opinions are wrong.
What Jason thinks he does for Geekdom House: Saves the world every day by talking into a microphone.
What Jason actually does for Geekdom House: Hosts, edits, and produces the podcast, volunteers at events, keeps the founders from destroying each other.

Below is the transcript of questions Casey asked Jason about life, the universe, and everything (you can also listen to us reading these aloud and making fun of Jason’s answers on Episode 76 of the podcast):

1. First, a carbonite-breaker question: You wake up as Wookie one morning. What’s at the top of your to-do list?

Tear the arm off the nearest enemy that I see. Anyone who crossed me that morning, I suppose, especially if I haven’t had my tea.

2. Next, I’m going to present you with a series of three items. Tell me which one you think you would be best at and why:

(a) Piloting the Millennium Falcon
(b) Using the Force
(c) Hating sand with a passion

I’m going to go with “using the Force.” I always wanted to be a Jedi, even when I knew that they weren’t real. I respected the structure of the Jedi Order. My lightsaber is definitely green. I wish I was a Guardian, but I know I’m a Consular. I’m more of a solve-problems-with-words-and-if-that-fails-then-cut-arms-off guy.

(a) Leading the Avengers
(b) Wielding Mjolnir
(c) Eating shawarma

I don’t love shawarma, so I’d have to go with “leading the Avengers,” mostly because I feel Mjolnir requires much more physical strength than I’m probably capable of, but I feel like I have at least somewhat higher than the base amount of leadership ability. I may be Captain Canuck on a good day.

(a) Surviving the Hunger Games
(b) Finding Narnia
(c) Rolling a Natural 20

I’m a Dungeon Master so, for sure, the Natural 20. Because I get to roll for every enemy, I have a higher chance than any one of my players of rolling high or very low, and there have been a few fights where, in the first round of attack, I knocked a player unconscious because of a very lucky D-20 roll. They love it.

(a) Clearing Mass Effect 3 without dying once
(b) Keeping your character alive through an entire Dungeons and Dragons campaign
(c) Surviving a marathon of the entire Mythbusters series

Mythbusters, for sure. I could do the other ones, probably, if I really put my mind to it, but I could re-watch Mythbusters any day of the week, forever. There’s 220 episodes give or take, times 40ish minutes… so… What’s that math add up to?

(a) Hosting an entire Infinity +1 Podcast in Yoda-speak
(b) …in your best Allison imitation
(c) …or in your best Jigglypuff impression

Oh, man! I can do Yoda and Jigglypuff okay. It’s probably easier to do it in the Allison voice because it’s less straining on my vocal chords, and Yoda speaks backwards. I’d say my best Allison impression: “I like Undertale! It’s so great! You should play it sometime!”

3. I’m going to list a series of items pertaining to your work at Geekdom House. Your job is to describe each item using the title of a movie, book, or video game. Remember, honesty is the best policy, except when it’s bound to land you in a Sarlacc pit. And by Sarlacc pit I mean, of course, Allison’s dark side. By Allison’s dark side, I mean, of course, that whole “treacherous as the sea” thing.

(a) Your first meeting with destiny—I mean, Geekdom House – A New Hope
(b) Allison Barron – Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
(c) Kyle Rudge – Real Genius
(d) Writing your first article – Stranger Things
(e) The Infinity+1 Podcast – The Twilight Zone
(f) Your daily routine at Geekdom House – The Guild
(g) Your most recent podcast recording session – Fanboys
(h) Geekdom House HQ – Community
(i) Having famous personalities record openings for the Infinity +1 Podcast – Interstellar
(j) Your most recent Dungeon and Dragons campaign – Monty Python and the Holy Grail

4. What two fictional character would have you as their baby?

Luke Skywalker’s got to be the dad because I’m a big Luke Skywalker fan, and Susan from Narnia. I have the Force, because I’m Luke’s son, and I have Susan’s “voice of reason.”

5. Choosing any characters from any universe, who would be on your 7-person Avengers team?

Pike Trickfoot – The Healer
Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 – The Soldier
Tali’zorah vas Normandy – The Engineer
Ezio Auditore da Firenze – The Assassin
Wolverine – The Tank
Obi-Wan Kenobi – The General
Spider-Man – The Hero

6. Among you, Allison, and Kyle, who is most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse?

Me. Kyle has a really bad knee, so I feel like, if we have to run, it’s just game over for him. Allison is much smarter than I am—no question—but I feel like in a case where we have to eat whatever’s around and we’re scavenging and we’re on the run, I’m going to out-last Allison.

7. What scene never happened in your favorite series?

In Attack of the Clones, the whole sequence with Anakin and Padmae in the field with those weird bison things. I really like Anakin as a character, and in Clone Wars he and Padmae have a really good story, but specifically in Attack of the Clones that whole sequence is poorly written, poorly acted, and the idea of it—what it’s supposed to show happening in the story—doesn’t work for me, at all.

8. Assuming Turkish Delight is not enough, what would the White Witch have to offer you to bring you over to her side?

If she had the equivalent endless supply of Hersey’s Eggies, it would be game over for me.

If you would like to support the Geekdom House staff, the time they put into volunteering every day, and the projects they work hard to provide, please consider becoming a monthly donor! You can do so here. We also so appreciate your interaction with our articles, podcast, and other art projects. Thanks for being awesome geeks!

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Casey Covel

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