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The whole mission of Geekdom House is to love and serve the nerd and geek community. Our method is primarily through the support, encouragement, and facilitation of the arts prominent within geek culture. While the idea of doing that is perhaps rare, it is not new. There is a group of people at the largest con in the world, the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), who have been doing it for years.

So when I flew to San Diego (pronounced San Dee-AHHHH-go, I learned) for a wedding, I opted to stay an extra day to meet up with Brendan Prout, Committee Member and Programming Senior Staff of SDCC.


Kyle Rudge and Brendan Prout.

We shared stories back and forth of the practical ways we’ve found to serve the geek community. We bonded over our love for geek culture. Prout and other volunteers on their own will purchase single packets of sun-screen and hand them out to con-attendees as an act of kindness and service. Those random acts were met with a wide variety of response (Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes and all that).

He was excited to hear about our efforts with the Geekdom House Wandering Minstrels and was curious to know if a small group (band) of us would come down and do it at the SDCC. Not a bad idea. So either I finally learn how to sing properly or don a costume and conduct. Let’s be honest, it’ll be the latter.

His advice for Geekdom House? Two things.

The first: don’t go too fast. Find the right people and put them in the right seats on the right bus. In the excitement of new beginnings and growth, we will no doubt come across very passionate individuals. Their passion will tempt us to incorporate them into key roles. Brendan warned us to be wise, use discernment, and take things one step at a time.

The second: we should be mindful to not stick our nose in things we have no business sticking our nose into. As we grow there will be pressure for us to endorse and support causes from all over the spectrum. As individuals, people can support whatever cause they would like, but as an organization our cause is the geek community. Stick to that and don’t be distracted.

So where does Geekdom House stand in political topics? We don’t. It’s not our place nor is it our world as an organization. Where does Geekdom House stand on who shot first? We do have an opinion. A strong opinion. The right opinion. Han.

Kyle Rudge

Kyle Rudge

Admiral at Geekdom House
Kyle is an avid web developer and programmer with a strong tendency to be distracted by marathon watching various television shows. While he loved to write in several languages, most of them are based on 1's and 0's.
Kyle Rudge