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Area of Effect Backers



Special thanks to our Kickstarter backers for supporting the special edition of Area of Effect!

If you didn’t grab a reward on Kickstarter, have no fear, you can still order the December issue (and every other past issue) online here.

Our Backers:

Amy Roebuck
Becca Dilley (Becca Dilley Photography)
Brina Gervais (Unto Winnipeg by Brina)
Carol Townsend
Craig M Hinch
Dan Fehr
DiSciullo Family
Doug Barron
Duncan (Responsive Web Design)
Elora Powell (Potassium Christian Geek)
Ernie Brosowsky
Faye Hall (Painter/Illustrator/Designer)
Frogdice (Indie video game studio)
Geeky Gals 4 God (Facebook community for geeky gals)
Henry Gabb
James H. Lewis (Writer/Editor)
Jeff Samp
John Taber (RPG and anime reviews)
Jonathan Epp
King Crawford
Lower Level Sports Cards and Collectibles (Collectibles store in Winnipeg, MB)
Michael Penner
Mike Perna (InnRoads Ministries)
Monte Cook Games, LLC (Tabletop RPGs)
Morgan Hazel
Naomi Strain
Netfloor USA Access Flooring (Raised accessed floor systems)
Pakorn Jaruspanavasan
Paul Schifferer (Pligrimage Software)
Paul Singleton (InnRoads Ministries)
Peter N. Martin (Saving the Game podcast)
Rachel Twigg and Michael Boyce
Raven Pyros
Robert Martin (Abnormal Anabaptist)
Rory Hiebert (Sea of Glass)
Russell Doerksen
Sarah Friesen
Scott Miller
Spidermoore (Programmer)
Tabitha L. Bailey
The Geekpreacher (A fusion of geekiness and spirituality)
Timothy Barron (The Frequently Asked Christians)
Tom Dowd