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Dear listeners,

You may have noticed Infinity +1 episodes haven’t been posted lately, and I apologize that we haven’t communicated about it sooner. With our podcast producer retiring from his stellar work as our host several months ago, Kyle Rudge and I managed to keep up with posting episodes for a short time but began to get overwhelmed because of our other duties at Geekdom House.

But fear not! Infinity +1 will return this fall with a new host and a new format. We’re excited to keep the segments that you love and add some new things too! We just need some time to train up a new host and put together the show you deserve.

Thank you for your love and support of Infinity +1. We’ve received messages from several of you about how valuable you find it and how much you love listening to it, and I always looked forward to your responses to the Question of the Week because hearing your thoughts means a lot!

In the interim, there are some things you can do to help Geekdom House grow and Infinity +1 come back at ONE MILLION PERCENT:

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Allison Alexander

Allison Alexander

Art Director at Geekdom House
Allison is like Galadriel, offering wisdom where needed but turning treacherous as the sea when competitive games are involved. She manages Geekdom House's arts initiatives, including their magazine and choir. She spends the rest of her time writing, playing D&D, and exploring Hyrule, Middle-earth, or a galaxy far, far away.
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