Hymns and Heroes: 10 Matches Made in Heaven

"30 Days of Zelda - 01" | Art by Joe Hogan Art. Used with permission.
Not many fictional characters stumble into church (except to set the existential mood), and even fewer actually practice Christianity, unless we’re talking Nightcrawler or Nicholas D. Wolfwood. (No, Sephiroth, being a Jenova’s Witness doesn’t count.) But imagine if our favourite characters were—for no particular reason—suddenly forced to choose their epic theme songs from a hymn book (or else face cricket-chirping silence during their otherwise awesome advents). We’ve got a hunch that these 10 hymn-meets-hero mashups might, literally, be matches made in heaven:

1. Obi Wan Kenobi —”Higher Ground”

He takes “plant my feet on higher ground” literally. Maybe if Anakin had given this hymn (or, y’know, his Jedi Counselors) a listen, he’d have fewer artificial limbs.

2. Prince Zuko — “Thine Honor Save”

Change thy haircut whilst thou art at it.

3. Aerith Gainsborough — “Holy, Holy, Holy”

That was the plan. To her credit, the evilest seraphim did eventually “fall down before her.”

4. Light Yagami — “Is My Name Written There?”

You’ll know in about 40 seconds.

5. The Night Guard (Five Nights at Freddy’s) — “I’ll Stand By Until the Morning”

…if I’m lucky.

6. Edward Elric — “Small Things Count”

Except Ed isn’t “small”—he’s fun-sized. I hear arms and legs count, too.

7. Gandalf — “He Lives”

And now he comes in more colours.

8. Link — “Must I Go, and Empty-Handed?”

(1) Yes, though it is dangerous. (2) No, take this!

9. Goku — “Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand”

100,000,000. Now that’s a power level.

10. Ned Stark — “Winter is Coming”

Yes, this is an actual hymn, though it’s more about ice than fire.

Casey Covel

Casey Covel

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Casey Covel