Geek T-Shirt Roundup Sep30


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Geek T-Shirt Roundup

If you’re like most of us at Geekdom House, you enjoy showcasing your fandom for all the world to see and only a small percentage to understand. Geek t-shirts are kind of a thing now, and we’re okay with it. But where to get the best/affordable ones after Comic Con season? Here are our top five favourite websites.

1. TeeTurtle

Pretty great prices for a lot of fun, cutesy geek t-shirts.

2. TeePublic

We love this site because the shirts are affordable and it supports independent artists around the world. You can search pretty much anything geeky and you’ll find some great designs.

3. Qwertee

Qwertee is fun because┬áthere’s a new t-shirt available for $12 every 48 hours.

4. ThinkGeek

They have some pretty cool stuff, ranging from classic logos to some more original things.

5. Her Universe

We like Her Universe because it was created for female geeks! It’s also founded by Ashley Eckstein, the voice actor of Ahsoka Tano.

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