Game comments that may end in your death

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Board games have the potential to bring people together in genuine and beautiful community. But once in a while, a single phrase can tear down everything.

So listen. your life depends on this. Don’t say them. Don’t even think them. Say them and you’re dead. They might come to you fast. Faster than you can believe. Don’t turn your back, don’t look away, and don’t say them. Good luck.

1. “I will sell you all my properties for $1.”

2. *halfway through the game* “What time is it? Oh, I should go.”

3. “Oops, I bent your cards.”

4. “You realize Alli’s about to screw you over by [insert ingenious plan and ruin it here], right?”

5. “Well if you trade with me I’ll give you a brick and a back rub later.”

6. “I’ll just throw all the pieces into the box. You can sort it later.”

7. “Well I only lost because [insert long whining rant here].”

8. *Five minutes of silence goes by* “Oh, it’s my turn?”

9. “I’m not going to trade with you because you always win.”

10. “Let’s gang up on Kyle.”

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