From zombies to robots: What if?

Photo by Dave Mathis/Flickr.

As geeks, we often envision ourselves in worlds filled with zombies and aliens, vampires and werewolves, mutants and robots, dungeons and well… dragons. From our imagination those experiences absolutely must be shared and from them we form community. Community from conversations built on two simple words: what if…? Most of our favourite stories are built upon this question.

In the upcoming months we are going to explore that very question in a rather non-traditional sense. Every time I have ever heard the question asked is within the context of survival, morality, and political structures. Our angle will be a little different. We are going to engage it from a spiritual and religious perspective. What if [insert situation here] happens…. and what would and could that mean to people of faith.

April is set to be Resurrection month at Area of Effect. It makes sense with Good Friday and all. So what better question to kick off with than zombies?

What if zombies really existed and what would that mean for our faith? We’ll just have to see.

Let us know what “what if” situations you’d like to read about in the comments.

Kyle Rudge

Kyle Rudge

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