So what exactly is Geekdom House all about?

Great question! It’s why we have a whole page devoted to it. Check out the About Geekdom House section.

So basically you do missions by playing video games and read comics all day?

Allison: “Yes, yes we do. Next question.” Kyle: “Well to expand further… to make a concerted effort to be an active, giving, and integral part to the community. Part of doing so requires us to participate in their activities.”

Do you ever speak at conferences or churches to share the vision?

ALL THE TIME. Kyle loves it. Contact him at kyle [at] geekdomhouse.com.

Do you do internships?

Yes. Contact the Admiral to get the ball rolling kyle [at] geekdomhouse.com

Tacos or Pizza?

Pizza unless tacos are an option.

Area of Effect Magazine

What's the difference between Geekdom House and Area of Effect?

Good question. Geekdom House is the umbrella that covers a variety of endeavors to serve the geek community, including articles posted on the blog, events, a vlog, Bible study guides, and more. Area of Effect refers to the writing posted on the blog that is compiled into a PDF magazine. 

How often is Area of Effect published?

Articles are published regularly on the Geekdom House website as blog posts and the PDF magazine (a compilation of these articles and some unique content) is published online once a month. 

Can I write a letter to the editor?

Absolutely. If you’d prefer to email the editor instead of commenting on the website, you can send the managing editor a message directly at allison [at] geekdomhouse.com. 

Can I write for Area of Effect Magazine?

All our contributors write on a volunteer basis. You can send an email as a cover letter and 2-3 samples of your writing to our commander and managing editor, allison [at] geekdomhouse.com. Include what area of geek culture you are passionate about. 

Can I submit artwork to Area of Effect Magazine?

Absolutely. We love using both budding and professional artists’ work in Area of Effect to accompany our articles. Send an email as a cover letter and 2-3 samples of your art to our commander and managing editor, allison [at] geekdomhouse.com. 

How do I get permission to reprint or re-post an article?

Your best bet is to contact the managing editor allison [at] geekdomhouse.com for permission. Be sure to include what you would like to reprint or re-post and why.

Be advised that we may request 1 dozen cookies sent to the office as partial payment.

Is Area of Effect available in print?


Where can I get it?

You can get the very first issue here! We publish four issues per year.

Can I subscribe to it?

Not yet, but soon!


Holy N00bs

Can you recommend a pastor / minister / missionary on Holy N00bs?

Absolutely, if they are up for it and they can fit into our shooting schedule. Send your guest suggestions to kyle [at] geekdomhouse.com.