Episode 92 – The Passion of the Geeks

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The only podcast wielding a triple-edged lightsaber, it’s Infinity +1! This week Jason, Allison, and Kyle look to the finale of many great trilogies for finale-loving Question of the Week. Then Jason takes us back down the YouTube Rabbit Hole to revisit a few channels that have started some exciting and worthwhile new series.

Then in the second segment, we take a stroll through Kevin Cummings’ article about how NOT to make fans of your friends—Introducing Non-geeks To Your Fandom. What start as a few fun examples of how geeks like us sometimes let our passions get the best of us becomes a conversation about how we can be better fans and ambassadors of the community we love so dearly.

Question of the Week: What’s your favourite third entry of a trilogy?

Jason’s YouTube Rabbit Hole:
Sixty Symbols
Clickspring – Antikythera Series
SGDQ 2017 – Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – All Masks by TrevPerson
SGDQ 2017 – Earthbound – Any% Glitchless by UltimoIce
Hardest jousting hit of the season

The song in the break is Tracking Eva by Lazy Nerd 204 [used with permission]

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