Episode 59 – Ron Glass / Fear

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I thought they smelled bad on the outside, its Infinity +1! This week Jason, Allison and Kyle reminisce about the era of Mr. Plow and public television, and a new Kickstarter Corner will give you a place to invest in new geeky ideas. We also remember the legacy of actor Ron Glass, most known for his portrayal of Shepherd Book in Firefly.

Question of the Week: If you had a weekly slot on low-budget public access TV, how would you fill it?

The second segment isn’t scary, but it is all about fear. Fear of the Other by Michael Boyce and I Ain’t Afraid of No Truth by Kevin Cummings both approach a different kind of fear, so what can we learn about how we respond to different fears in our everyday lives? Is the fear in “God-fearing” the same fear as “we have not been given a spirit of fear”? You’ll have to listen to Infinity +1 to find out!

Kickstarter Corner:
5-Minute Dungeon – Ends on Dec. 1, 2016
Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King – Ends on Dec. 6, 2016

The song in the break is North Hill Transit Speed Run by Lazy Nerd 204 [used with permission]

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