Episode 48 – Joss Whedon / Control

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Quit dreaming about electric sheep, it’s time for Infinity +1! Jason, Allison and Kyle are back with your weekly dose of geek, starting with a Question of the Week that begins by immediately going off track about Joss Whedon for a while. Then in the Saved Files segment, Jason recounts his experience as a first time Dungeon Master and Kyle shares a mysterious email that Infinity +1 received recently, with an exciting assignment from a listener.

Then, in the second half, the hosts use No More Jurassic World Domination by Victoria Grace Howell as a jumping point for a personal and honest discussion about control. Why do so many of us try to control things we know we can’t? What do we gain physically, spiritually or emotionally from giving up control? Will Kyle ever fully control his own herd of velociraptors? Find out this week on Infinity +1!

The song in the break is the Jurassic Park Theme – 8 Bit by 8 Bit Universe

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