Episode 37 – Co-op Memories / Empathy

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Don’t be late for class, it’s time for Infinity +1! This week Allison returns to the podcast to help Jason and Kyle reform the Justice League…I mean, the classic host lineup for the show. They share a Sweetdiculous Award, swap their favourite co-op memories in the Question of the Week and play a shiny new version of Conundrum to celebrate!
Then in the second segment, empathy is back on the menu courtesy of Michael Boyce and his article iZombie’s Lessons in Empathy. How do we balance our connections to each other’s lives without neglecting our own? As usual more questions are asked than answered, but everyone learns something in the end!
The song in the break is One Final Effort from the Halo 3 OST
Sweetdiculous Award Winner – Witch, Please

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