Episode 17 – Gaming and Community

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Ready, set, podcast! On this week’s episode, Jason, Allison, and Kyle talk about their favourite merch in the Question of the Week. What nerdy memorabilia do our intrepid hosts hold most dear? Listen and find out!

In the second half, the team discusses “Biting Bullets: LoL and Toxicity” and what makes a good or bad community for gaming online. The discussion climaxes with each of the team sharing a few of their most epic moments in online and LAN gaming. Post your best moment in the comments below!

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Jason Dueck

Jason Dueck

Staff Writer at Area of Effect
From Captain Kirk to Commander Shepard, Jason's love for science fiction extends to the final frontier. When he's not geeking out, Jason can be found studying communications at Red River College in Winnipeg.
Jason Dueck

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