Episode 12 – Titansgrave, Part 2

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Join the podcast hosts Jason, Allison, and Kyle, along with some friends on this custom-written Titansgrave adventure, “Agents of Nestora.” Titansgrave is an RPG created by Wil Wheaton and you can learn more about it on Geek and Sundry.

When we last left our heroes they were about to sneak into the Griffin Museum. Will Stinky survive the dangerous outing? Will Ashe prove herself to the group? What mysterious past has Kirim been hiding?

“Agents of Nestora” is brought to you by Dungeon Masters Kyle Rudge and Michael Penner, and in it you will meet the following colourful characters:

Kirim Redhand – the dwarf with his own agenda (played by Jason Dueck)
Grub’nuk Mudheart – the orc who loves too much (played by Stephen Reimer)
Corver Sparkblast – the crazy gnome scientist (played by Joshua Giesbrecht)
Ashe Overhill – the tiny quarterling thief (played by Allison Barron)
Taran – the dwarf out to get rich (played by Mark Wiebe)

Hope you enjoy as we batter, plunder, and sneak our way through this amazing story.

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