Episode 112 – That’s a Spicy Bitcoin

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The only podcast more volatile than Bitcoin, it’s Infinity +1! Join Jason, Allison, and Kyle as they inquire what board games should grace the silver screen in this Week’s Question of the Week and open up some Saved Files about games they’ve been playing and some new developments around Geekdom House.

Then in the second segment, it’s a look into some of Disney’s less conventional princesses in Julia Hamm’s On Being The Perfect Daughter. What sorts of expectations do we make of our parents (or our children) without even noticing? How can we work inter-generationally to be the best society we can be? How many of us agree Mulan has the best music of any Disney movie? Listen on to find out?

Question of the Week: What board game would you like to see get a big budget movie?

Ramblings Of A Guy From Regina

The music in the break is “It’s Not A Keygen” by Lazy Nerd 204 [used with permission]

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