Episode 104 – A Grimm Outlook

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It’s the only podcast that calls the real wold the Right Side Up—it’s Infinity +1! Join Jason, Allison, and Kyle as they ask and appropriately spooky Question of the Week, recount their weekend at Central Canada Comic-Con, and bask as Allison awards October’s Sweetdiculous Award

Then, in the second segment, we put a spotlight on the limited series of Area of Effect—reading through Grimm’s fairy tales to see what can be gleaned from them today. We focus on Allison’s article Reading Grimm: It’s Always A Woman’s Fault to see what parts of old fables can still be valuable to us today.

Question of the Week: Who’s your favourite monster?

Sweetdiculous Award

The music in the break is “It’s Not A Keygen” by Lazy Nerd 204 [used with permission]

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Jason Dueck

Jason Dueck

Staff Writer at Area of Effect
From Captain Kirk to Commander Shepard, Jason's love for science fiction extends to the final frontier. When he's not geeking out, Jason can be found studying communications at Red River College in Winnipeg.
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