Dungeons and Cookies

"Adventurers" | Art by kkkiri. Used with permission.

Dylan/Jeziel: All right, guys, I’m back.

Gary/DM: Dude, thirty minutes for a bathroom break? Can we get back to the adventure now?

Jake/Shade: Where were we?

Logan/Mizzah: You’ve forgotten already?

Jake/Shade: I got a little sleepy during Dylan’s quest to destroy another bathroom. I dreamt it was already Christmas morning.

Gary/DM: Still Christmas Eve. Now, you are in the ice caves under Santa’s workshop. You’ve just reached a fork in the path. What do you want to do?

Jake/Shade: I want to listen!

Gary/DM: Roll for it.

Jake/Shade: (crying) I rolled a one.

Dylan/Jeziel: I told you to burn those dice and bury the ashes in the back yard. They’re cursed.

Gary/DM: Your character has a problem with earwax buildup. He hears nothing.

Jake/Shade: Can I try again?

Gary/DM: Yep, at a minus five penalty.

Jake/Shade: Ha! A twenty. Cursed? I don’t think so.

Gary/DM: You clean out your ear and hear something down the right corridor.

Jake/Shade: We’ll go towards the noise.

Logan/Mizzah: Wait. Are you sure? What if Santa’s down the other direction?

“They are discussing, in Drow, how to prepare Santa to sacrifice him to the spider queen.”

Dylan/Jeziel: Then I guess the little children of the world can all blame Jake.

Gary/DM: Guys, which way do you want to go?

Jake/Shade: I go right!

Logan/Mizzah: Fine. I follow.

Dylan/Jeziel: Okay. Has my character eaten lately? I think he needs a snack break.

*Crunching sound of gingerbread cookies being chowed down upon*

Gary/DM: And where did Jeziel get those?

Dylan/Jeziel: The last village we stopped at had a Krogers—buy ye one, get ye another free.”

Gary/DM: I’ll allow it.

Logan/Mizzah: Since you’re not going to share, can we get on with the game?

Gary/DM: You hear voices.

Jake/Shade: I hide in the shadows.

Logan/Mizzah: My sword is out.

Dylan/Jeziel: I’m preparing a fireball spell, and motion Mizzah to take the lead.

Logan/Mizzah: Why is it always me?

Jake/Shade: ‘Cause you have the lowest intelligence. No great loss if you die.

Gary/DM: You creep forward—Mizzah in front, whining like a little girl, Shade hiding, and Jeziel ready to fire up the first Christmas roast he sees. At the end of the tunnel is a narrow opening leading into a dimly lit room.

Logan/Mizzah: Let’s approach it.

Gary/DM: Roll a dexterity check.

Dylan/Jeziel: Yes!

Logan/Mizzah: Nailed it.

Jake/Shade: Crap. I rolled a one.

Dylan/Jeziel: This is our graceful thief??

Gary/DM: Shade runs into a wall and falls over. But fortunately, no one hears him. Reaching the opening, you see that it’s the size of a small doorway. In front of you is an alcove. Off to your right, you hear the voices.

Logan/Mizzah: I peek into the room.santa-dragon2

Gary/DM: You see one dark elf.

Logan/Mizzah: Is there enough cover for me to slip inside unseen?

Gary/DM: Roll for it.

Logan/Mizzah: Seventeen!

Gary/DM: All right, you slip into the room and hide behind an outcropping of rocks.

Jake/Shade: What does Mizzah see now?

Logan/Mizzah: Yeah, what do I see?

Gary/DM: You, Mizzah, see a half dozen dark elves gathered around Santa, who is held captive by thick strands of spider webbing.

Dylan/Jeziel: I’m going to join Mizzah.

Jake/Shade: Hey, don’t leave me behind! I follow.

Dylan/Jeziel: I use my shell of magical translation to listen in to their conversation.

Gary/DM: They are discussing, in Drow, how to prepare Santa to sacrifice him to the spider queen. After that, they’ll enslave his elves to work in the mines.

Dylan/Jeziel: We can’t let that happen! I prepare to launch my fireball.

Logan/Mizzah: Shade, are you ready with your magic daggers?

Jake/Shade: Just say the word!

Logan/Mizzah: All right, on my mark. Three, two…”

“Sorry, dude. Traditions before missions.”

Dylan/Jeziel: Wait!

Jake/Shade: What!?

Dylan/Jeziel: Guys, it’s 10:30. I have to go.

Gary/DM: Go where?

Dylan/Jeziel: Our church is having a candlelight service for Christmas Eve. I never miss it.

Logan/Mizzah: I forgot about that! Yeah, we need to go.

Gary/DM: Really?? You just want to put the game on hold?

Jake/Shade: What about Santa? The dark elves? Think of the children!

Dylan/Jeziel: We can pick it up again after Christmas!

Gary/DM: Actually, there is a party with my fam I could be going to. Maybe I’ll head there tonight…

Logan/Mizzah: See, we’ll finish the quest after Santa arrives with the presents.

Jake/Shade: I don’t know… Sounds like there won’t be a Santa to deliver presents if we don’t stop those dark elves! Sure you guys can’t finish tonight?

Dylan/Jeziel: Sorry, dude. Traditions before missions.

Logan/Mizzah: We could start a new tradition: D&D after Christmas, where we travel back in time 24 hours to save the Christmas that never was!

Jake/Shade: Yeah, I guess…

Dylan/Jeziel: Tell you what, I’ll bring all the leftover food from our family celebration. There will be cake, pies, and gingerbread cookies from ye neighbourhood Krogers.

Jake/Shade: All right, I’m in!

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