Determine Your Character’s Name with a D20

"Lizard Shaman" | Art by jjpeabody. Used with permission.

One of my greatest struggles when making a new character for roleplaying games is coming up with a good name. There are two factors that I always look for in a good name; it must sound cool and it must have a significant meaning for my character. The Bible is a treasure-trove of interesting names that should not be overlooked when considering a name for your latest character. These names are cherry-picked for their amusing meanings and peculiar pronunciations. Roll your D20s and enjoy!

D10 Name Meaning D20 Surname Meaning
1 Chedorlaomer Roundness of a sheaf 1 Nicanor A conqueror
2 Cilicia Which rolls or overturns 2 Raca Good-for-nothing
3 Dabbaseth Flowing with honey 3 Abagtha Father of the wine-press
4 Epaphras Covered with foam 4 Ira Watchman of the city
5 Vopshi The fragrant 5 Pethuel Mouth of God
6 Uphaz Pure gold 6 Abida Father of the judge
7 Haahashtari A runner 7 Baal-Tamar Master of the palm tree
8 Gaddiel Goat of God 8 Shaashgaz One who shears the sheep
9 Shashak A bag of linen 9 Elika Pelican of God
10 Trophimus Well-educated 10 Beneberak Son of lightning
11 Halah A moist table 11  Epaphroditus The handsome
12 Sennacherib Bramble of destruction 12 Reelaiah Shepherd of the Lord
13 Bithynia Violent precipitation 13 Onesiphorus One who brings profit
14 Puteoli Sulphureous wells 14 Ahimelech My king’s brother
15 Homam Making an uproar 15 Jidlaph He that distills water
16 Telabib A heap of new grain 16  Zeruah The leperous
17 Tabrimon A good pomegranate 17 Gallio Who sucks on milk
18 Josabad Having a dowry 18 Archippus Master of horses
19 Og Bread baked in ashes 19 Philemon One who kisses
20 Diblaim Cakes of pressed figs 20 Elymas A magician
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