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Convention Survival Guide

Samus rocking our 1-life tournament. Photo courtesy of Geekdom House.
You meet all types at a convention, some odd, some annoying, all awesome in their own way. Knowing how to deal with the other-than-average con-goers is crucial to your success (and mental health) as a vendor at any con. Here are the ones we encountered at our table during Retro Gamers Unite in Winnipeg.

The where-are-your-parents kid. Congratulations, you have become the latest object of their obsession. If you’re not careful, they will monopolize your entire time, break your stuff, and generally make your booth less welcoming to the average passer-by. Seriously kid, where are your parents?

How to react? They want attention. Strike up a deal with them to give them your undivided attention for 5 minutes and in return they move on afterwards.

The this-con-sucks vendor. Their stuff is not selling and this is everyone’s fault but theirs. Like a succubus, they will lure you into their island of bitterness.

How to react? Best killed with kindness.

The I-am-going-to-buy-this-later guy. They won’t. They are just too polite to say no.

How to react? Wish them well.

The I-have-a-kickass-costume cosplayer. Cosplaying requires two things: time and money. You can sacrifice some of one but it only increases the necessity of the other.

How to react? Take a picture with them. Seriously, they worked hard and what better way to reward them?

The I’m-so-desperate-to-sell-you-things vendor. Your booth might not be doing as well as you hoped, but approaching me every time I pass by to talk my ear off about how wonderful your merchandise is isn’t doing you any favours.

How to react? Smile politely and move on.

The is-this-free guy. No, it’s not free. Please don’t walk away. The prices are clearly listed. Give me back my stuff.

How to react? Terry Crews.

Any to add?

Kyle Rudge

Kyle Rudge

Admiral at Geekdom House
Kyle is an avid web developer and programmer with a strong tendency to be distracted by marathon watching various television shows. While he loved to write in several languages, most of them are based on 1's and 0's.
Kyle Rudge