Joining the Community

We strive to be a holy sanctuary for the nerd and geek community. We want to be a safe place of rest and inspiration and there are multiple ways with which you can engage with the community we are building to find that.



Our Discord server is our online community where we regularly can be found hanging out and playing games, holding watch parties for various things, or just hanging out together while all doing our own thing. Come on by and say hi.



Our writers often frequent their articles and interact with those who comment and offer their insight into their works. So please comment on the articles here on the site and on our social medias.


In Person

We run semi-monthly events called Geekdom House Live! where we gather together to watch a show and then existentially beat the dead horse as we talk about it. There’s also Incantatem concerts, our Wandering Minstrel choir, and more. Keep an eye on our social media for all