College Classes Taught by Your Heroes

Screenshot from Doctor Who S02E3 "School Reunion."

If you’re not looking forward to going back to school, here are some classes you may want to add to your timetables.

1. Steve Rogers – American History
Not only is Steve passionate about his homeland, but living through much of its history is one of the perks of being 95.

2. The Tenth Doctor – Physics
“Physicsphysicsphysicsphysics physics! I hope one of you is getting all this down.”

3. Galadriel – Astronomy
She’s so good, she can put starlight in a bottle.

4. Yoda – Communication
Difficult, it can be.

5. Hermione Granger – Literature
The type of literature is irrelevant. Hermione knows it all—or if she doesn’t, she’ll stay in the library until she does.

6. Spock – Statistics
Nothing illogical will be tolerated in this classroom.

7. Sherlock Holmes – Criminal Justice
It’s elementary, my dear students.

8. Rumpelstiltskin – Legal Studies
No one’s better at making a deal than the Dark One—just make sure your homework doesn’t include signing one of his contracts.

9. J.A.R.V.I.S. – Computer Science
He knows computers inside and out.

10. Wonder Woman – Classical Studies
She’s straight outta Greek mythology.

Caitlin Eha

Caitlin Eha

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