Clara should have died at Trenzalore

Photo from BBC's Doctor Who, episode "The Name of the Doctor."
I never much liked Clara Oswald. She just didn’t have a lot going for her in series seven, and didn’t seem bring anything new to the table. With Rose we had a romantic relationship. With Martha we had unrequited love. With Donna we had a fiery best friend, and with Amy we had Rory. But Clara was sort of just… there.

The one interesting thing going for Clara was the gigantic mystery surrounding her. Who was she, and why had the Doctor met her several times? How is it possible that she had died twice already? This mystery was the only reason I tolerated watching her traipsing around the universe with the Doctor in series seven.

When “The Name of the Doctor” rolled around, Clara had a shining moment that completely redefined her character in my eyes. She sacrificed herself by entering the Doctor’s timeline to undo the damage caused by the Great Intelligence. Numerous incarnations of herself were created and appeared throughout the Doctor’s timeline, saving his life again and again, though he only notices a few.

It felt like Clara’s story arc was now meaningless and her sacrifice wasn’t much of a sacrifice at all.

Looking back, I can see that the entire series had been leading up to this point, to this sacrifice. The previous incarnations we had met had also died for the Doctor. Clara was his saviour.

Clara’s sacrifice, her dying at the end of the season for a cause bigger than herself, that was beautiful. That was worthwhile. That redeemed her character in every way and made her one of the most valuable and impacting companions in the Doctor’s history.

But then… the Doctor does what we’re told he can’t do, enters his own timeline and somehow pulls her out.

What? What? What???

It felt cheap. It felt superficial. It felt like Clara’s story arc was now meaningless and her sacrifice wasn’t much of a sacrifice at all.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually think Clara becomes very interesting in the next season and some of my favourite moments are her standing up to the Doctor. But as far as series seven is concerned, I think for the finale to have an astounding impact, she should have died.

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