Call for Pitches: Disability and Illness Mar01


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Call for Pitches: Disability and Illness

Latest print issues of Area of Effect.

Area of Effect is currently looking for pitches on the theme of Disability and Illness. Pitches must have a strong connection to a sci-fi, fantasy, or comic-based TV show, movie, book, video game, or anime.

Pitches are due March 12.

We pay 25 CAD for articles that are accepted and published.


  • Send a one-paragraph pitch, NOT the full article.
  • Include links to three samples of your published writing.
  • Keep in mind our audience is an eclectic bunch of geeks with differing perspectives on faith and life. Though our articles are written from a Christian perspective, they invite discussion between people of different beliefs. Read some of the current features on our home page to get a handle on our style.
  • We do not want devotionals, Bible studies, or reviews, but rather articles that analyze, interpret, and discuss fandoms in relation to life, faith, and social justice.
  • Include a two-three sentence bio that clarifies why you are qualified to write on this topic.
  • If your pitch is selected, completed articles should be 700-1000 words.
  • Send your pitch to with the subject line: “AoE Pitch: Disability and Illness”
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