Book Recommendations: The Premise Reigns

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I am just going to skip the pretense here and assume you like reading. If you don’t, then this is probably just useless text that you stopped reading immediately after you saw the word “reading.”

Every good book has to start with a good premise. Here are three books you won’t be disappointed with. The premise alone is what truly drew me in and if you’re not careful (i.e. going to read another story) these will probably draw you in too.

1. The Unhandsome Prince by John Moore

A long time ago a witch turned a handsome prince into a frog and told the tale to all the local girls that should they manage to kiss the right frog, he would turn into a handsome prince, and they would be married. Years after the hype died down and many frogs were kissed with no prince in sight, one diligent girl started to section off the swamp and was determined to kiss the one right frog amongst the thousands. She succeeds!

Except her prince is not what she calls handsome. And that is where we pick up the story. In a courtroom where this girl is suing the estate of the deceased witch for breach of contract.

It’s brilliant. You’ll love it. And once you’re done with this one move on to Heroics for Beginners, which follows a less-than-smart barbarian bent on becoming a hero with his “Heroics for Dummies” scroll in hand.

2. Lord Toede by Jeff Grubb

I have never been much of a DragonLance reader but when I heard the philosophical premise of this work I absolutely had to read it.

Two demons are arguing over what it means to be “noble” and whether or not you can be evil and still be noble. When Toede the hobgoblin dies the demons decide throw this evil creature back into the world of the living with the instilled desire to “be noble”. Antics ensue when Toede can’t stay alive long enough for the question of evil-nobility can ever be answered. The demons are forced to resurrect him again and again and again.

3. Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay

When a mage loses his son in a war he sets out not just for revenge but to wipe the kingdom that killed his son off the map… literally. A spell restricted anyone from seeing or hearing the name of the kingdom, Tigana, except those who were born there. How do you convince an army to rise up fight for a nation they cannot even comprehend it’s existence?

This ended up being one of those works that friends who have read it and I still discuss the nuances of. It is probably Kay’s best work and you won’t be disappointed.

Any others out there with a simply fantastic premise? Use the comments to entice the rest of us.

Kyle Rudge

Kyle Rudge

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