Bonus Episode – Dungeons & Dragons ‘The Octaviat’ Part 1

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The team behind Infinity +1 is excited to share with all of you the first of another two-part role-playing episode!

First-time Dungeon Master Jason Dueck leads a team of four players on an exciting adventure from the town of Eldham to uncover the secrets behind a mysterious threat in a wizard’s abandoned laboratory. Listen to Part 1 of their adventure now!

Player Characters:
Kyle Rudge – Sosh Ort, a halfing wizard specializing in transmutation
Allison Barron – Katarina Zoldyke, a female human mercenary pirate who works for coin
Dan Good – Kiolov, a dwarf life cleric, who took up the faith to prove himself
Jordan Dalzell – Harris Bluewater, a halfling rogue who doesn’t really like other people

Jason Dueck

Jason Dueck

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Jason Dueck

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