Artist Spotlight and Giveaway: Joe Hogan Art

“My favourite moment as a fan that came about because of my art was when James Arnold Taylor (the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi on The Clone Wars) agreed to lend his amazing talents to an unofficial Clone Wars motion comic I was creating called ‘The Siren of Dathomir’.”

Working with people like James is one of the reasons Joe Hogan loves being an artist. He also loves bringing his fandoms to life through his art.

“Art is my way of expressing who I am, what I love, what I care about,” Joe says. “Any time I’m really excited about something that I can’t quite get out of my system, or something is bothering me, or whatever, I can just sit down and put in on paper (or a digital screen!) and now it’s in the universe and not just inside me any more. There’s something very liberating about that.”

Joe has done professional work for Topps, Upper Deck, Cryptozoic, and other companies. He’s dabbled in some of the most exciting franchises, including Star Wars, the Marvel universe, Batman, The Legend of Zelda, and more.

He loves being a Star Wars and geek artist because he gets to make things he would want to see as a fan. “When you’re a kid, your imagination is all over the place and I used to express it with action figures. I never quite grew out of an active imagination, so drawing those new stories in comics/motion comics/etc. replaced the toys. And okay, yes, the toys are still on my shelves. Don’t judge me! Growing up is overrated anyway.”

Check out samples of his work:

In addition to being an avid Star Wars fan, Joe especially appreciates The Legend of Zelda.

Majora’s Mask was the first time I really forgot I was playing a game and suspended belief into thinking I was involved in the lives of living, breathing people… The Zelda series is special to me because of its knack for creating characters I care about helping. It never feels like a chore to positively affect their lives.”

With a work space filled with prints from artists that charge his creative juices, Joe says sometimes he has to step away from a project and do creative exercises or get inspired by other art when he has artist’s block. He also says it’s easy to get bogged down at the end by adding details and over-adjusting. “When it’s done, it’s done, and you have to let it go… When I come back to it later, if I have a sense of ‘This is the best thing I’ve done to date,’ that’s just such a satisfying feeling as an artist.”

As advice for aspiring artists, Joe says be eager to learn and easy to work with. “And put yourself out there. Amazing opportunities will present themselves to you. And, obviously, the quickest way to success is to check out my Star Wars motion comics on YouTube (shameless plug). I mean, duh, right?”

You can find Joe Hogan’s art in his Etsy store and enter the giveaway below for a poster of one of his paintings! And if you love comics and Star Wars, check out his YouTube page here!

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