Artist of the Month: Plight of a steampunk jeweler

Steampunk jewelry work by Angela Sawatzky (By Blackbird Designs)
She refused to share her trade secrets when I asked. I guess I can’t blame her for wanting to keep her methods (like where she finds all her unique materials) a secret, but you can’t blame me for being curious.

Making it as an artist like Angela Sawatzky of By Blackbird Designs can be extremely difficult. Gathering materials is only one of the challenges that a jeweler like Angela faces all the time. When every piece of jewelry is unique, every sale requires an immense amount of creative effort combined with marketing prowess to ensure it sells.

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Visual artists like painters and graphic designers have a lot of options available to them to easily replicate their work so it can be sold and re-sold without much added effort. However, as a niche jewelry maker you ultimately lack the ability to mass produce the same product over and over. Therefore the scalability of the business is near impossible.

“I need to find a job that compliments my jewelry making business. Maybe something in marketing,” says Angela. “Then I can keep doing this on the side.”

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Like all artists, Angela continues to do this because she absolutely loves what she does. Don’t forget to browse Angela’s wares at the upcoming Retro Gamers Unite Winnipeg event on April 25 in Winnipeg. You can also check out more of her creations at the By Blackbird Designs website.

And if you didn’t catch Angela’s story, you can read about her discovering her love of steampunk by overcoming massive chronic pain that left her bed-ridden for a year.

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