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Anime Plots Badly Described

"vash stampede" | Art by Ap6y3. Used with permission.
Your friend finally asks you the most dreadfully exciting question in the entire world:

“What’s [insert your favorite anime title—possibly mispronounced] about?”

Like a would-be author suddenly faced with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pitch the publishing company of her dreams, you have about 15 seconds to sell your curious questioner on the most sugoi anime ever (potentially, their first anime ever).

This could be their gateway to the medium—the beginning of their lifelong pursuit of all things otaku; the beginning of feels and final forms and chimera memes…!

No pressure, right?

You could recite the plot synopsis that you memorized from the back of your Blu-ray collector’s edition box set… or you could give them a hook so weird that it’ll haunt their memories until they binge watch.

These anime summaries may not make the best elevator pitches, but they might just be… different enough… to snag the attention of that special someone you’ve been pestering for the past two years.

Can you guess these badly described anime? Answer key is at the bottom.

  1. A hunchback with a sugar obsession tries to stop a college student with a potato chip obsession from writing in his diary.
  2. While screaming and zip-lining, an angry German kid takes on a tribe of deformed, naked cannibals who won’t let him go to his basement.
  3. A mercenary (who somehow manages to smoke more often than the barrel of his gun) teams up with a cross-dressing King Arthur against a failed artist, a starving student, a bug addict, a Catholic, the recipient of the 1994 Worst Father of the Year Award, and that professor you had in college, in a battle to the death over a wine glass.
  4. An unemployed bald guy, who punches stuff and goes to the supermarket for fun, escapes his mid-life crisis by swatting a mosquito… naked.
  5. In a world where coffee is the obvious answer to world peace, a bookworm discovers that everyone who has ever read his favorite author wants to kill him, including his favorite author.
  6. A kid has a mental breakdown and can’t hear piano music when he plays it anymore. No, he’s not deaf, his hearing’s fine. It’s just when he plays music… Just watch it; you’ll cry.
  7. An orphaned hobo trespasses on a family’s property and then turns all the guys into animals by hugging them.
  8. Christian Bale has a hair-dyeing disaster that can only be fixed with a heart transplant.
  9. A shor—er—vertically-challenged boy pays an arm and a leg to see his mom, and nobody has a happy Father’s Day.
  10. A wanted hippie stops a preacher from killing things with a rocket-launcher.
Answer Key
1. Death Note
2. Attack on Titan
3. Fate/Zero
4. One-Punch Man
5. Tokyo Ghoul
6. Your Lie in April
7. Fruits Basket
8. Howl’s Moving Castle
9. Fullmetal Alchemist
10. Trigun
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