About Geekdom House

Shield blueThe nerd and geek community is often considered by society to be misfits and outcasts, those living on the fringes of society, and often a childhood stage to be left behind at adulthood. In reality geeks are the connoisseurs and fanatics of science fiction, fantasy, comics, anime, board games, video games, computers, and all the art and creativity that comes along with these things.

They are often the forward thinkers of our society, undeterred by what is perceived as impossible with full belief that it can be, it should be, and will be possible one day. We seek to be a holy sanctuary for these troubadours of society.

The Mission

The mission of Geekdom House primary falls into three categories.

The first is for the nerds and geeks who identify as Christian believers. To bring their passions for geek culture and faith into harmony with one another. Often these things become two separate aspects of life. They take off their “geek” hat for church and put it back on to go to Comic-Con. The opposite tends to be true as well. They put on their church hat for church but take it off at the comic book store.

The second is for the nerd and geeks who do not have a faith-filled community. Nerds/geeks do community well—arguably better than many churches. They care and support one another, often with altruistic acts of good faith and kindness. Yet while they behave as Paul describes in Acts 2, they remain distant from God and the church because of past judgment, misunderstanding, and alienation.

Lastly, the third is to build the bridge and bring these two groups closer together. Often the geek community does not feel wholly welcome within the church. Either they risk judgment and must hide their geek passions or give them up completely to belong. We strive to be a host for a community where nerds and geeks, both believers and nonbelievers alike, can share all aspects of life together. To provide a safe and welcome place where spirituality and faith are a regular part of life and can be safely explored.

The Importance of the Arts

One may assume that the nerd and geek community can be found in the sciences, but as a community there is an extremely high value placed on the arts as well. From comics, graphic novels, literature, video games, board games, TV, film, roleplaying, storytelling, costuming, cosplay and countless others that easily missed are the cornerstones from which the community holds itself up.

As Christians looking to be an impact in the community we want to walk in the footsteps of the missionaries that have gone before us. C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and George MacDonald all made unique and excellent contributions to this geek culture while embodying their faith through it all. By doing likewise and making our own unique and excellent contributions to the community, our voice becomes far more respected and welcomed.

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