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Our Story

The idea for Geekdom House began as a small group of people meeting weekly to watch Firefly and discuss it in relation to their faith—the goal was to mirror this close-knit community on a larger scale. In 2015, the charity was founded by Kyle Rudge, Marilyn Rudge, and Allison Barron. A Christian charitable organization based in Winnipeg under the Free Methodist Church in Canada, Geekdom House’s mission is to love and serve the nerd and geek community.

We see geeks as the connoisseurs and fanatics of science fiction, fantasy, comics, anime, board games, video games, and technology. They are often forward thinkers, undeterred by what is perceived as impossible with full belief that it can be, it should be, and will be possible one day. We seek to be a sanctuary for these troubadours of society, a safe place for interaction, discussion, community, and acceptance—much like Christ offered when he was on Earth. Our staff are available to share their faith and mentor others to grow spiritually, mentally, and creatively.


In addition to the volunteers, writers, and artists that contribute to Geekdom House’s mission, our primary staff is made up of four missionaries who raise their own salaries to spend their time loving this community:

Kyle Rudge, Executive Director & Pastor of The Hearth
Allison Barron, Art Director
Justin Koop, Program Director
Jeremy Klassen, Program Director


Area of Effect magazine
Faith-based opinion and commentary on geek culture and topics like addiction, violence, abuse, mental health, identity, community, and more—published online and in print.

Devotionals (Coming 2019)
Thy Geekdom Come: 42 Fandom-Inspired Devotionals is Geekdom House’s first devotional book.

The Gamer Guild
A community for youth and young adults to game together, including weekly Winnipeg drop-ins Winnipeg and online events. (Don’t live in the city? Stop by our Discord server!)

Geekdom House Live!
A monthly event in Winnipeg where we watch an episode of a TV show beloved by our culture and, through coffee and  discussion, allow the existential questions raised to challenge our own faith and spirituality within the context of community.

Geeks Make Art (Coming Fall 2018)
A YouTube show featuring fan artists creating their masterpieces to the tunes of local musicians.

The Hearth (Coming Fall 2018)
An intentional Christian  community dedicated to living life together and fostering space of spiritual welcome to the misfits and outliers in our society.

An a cappella choir that performs music from TV shows, video games, and movies.

Infinity +1 (Returning Fall 2018)
A weekly podcast that explores faith and fandom.

Wandering Minstrels
A community choir, open to the public, dedicated to fostering community through song.

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