A sonnet for Sephiroth

Wallpaper from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Oh where have ye gone, my foe Sephiroth?
Ye go to Midgar or to northern cave?
I aim to end ye, yes I swear I doth
Your sword has murdered many SOLDIERS brave
Each day alone I mourn my Cetra’s death
You killed her, jerk, you killed her with your sword
And as I knelt, I heard her dying breath
For long I’ve cried tears I cannot afford
Forsooth, your plot to call Meteor shall fail
Faced with my limit break you will cower
Even the glow of materia is pale
Next to your lust for the life stream’s power
For Aerith’s love remembered, I am weak
But to this day on you, revenge I seek.

AoE Staff

AoE Staff

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Several Area of Effect writers contributed to create this article. Either that, or it was Gaius Baltar in Rivendell with the Master Sword.
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