A ghazal for Gollum

"Gollum" | Art by Jipe-D. Used with permission.

Our only wish to catch a fish so juicy sweet
How delicious, what a dish, so juicy sweet

Give it to us raw and wriggling I think it’s good
We’ll grab its head, it makes a squish, so juicy sweet

Fish and bones, they make a crunch, not like bread
Bread is tasteless, especially elvish, not so juicy sweet

We wants it bad, we needs it bad, we must have it
We’ll kill them both, risky to accomplish, so juicy sweet

It is the master who’ll take care of us NO he won’t
Give in to it, give in to anguish, so juicy sweet

SHE could do it, she could kill them, yes she could
Then I can take it, it is our wish, so juicy sweet.

AoE Staff

AoE Staff

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