A ballad for Batman

"Can't Take A Joke?" | Art by AndyFairhurst. Used with permission.

It only takes one day that’s bad
You’ll never be the same
I’ve stolen what you’ll sorely miss
Come join me in the game

Do save him if you think you can
I’ll even give a clue
It’s not a clock, but goes “tick-tock”
And ends with a “KABOOM”

You think your brain’s so powerful
But can you guess my plan?
Imagine that clock counting down
Come stop me if you can

At first I blackmailed Toddy’s mom
To set the bait and hook
They’re reunited now, it seems
Why don’t you take a look?

I’m not afraid to tell you that
I’m crazy as a coot
I will admit it. Why can’t you?
Your sanity is moot

Why else would you dress up like that
Just like a flying rat?
You’re just as mad as me, you know
Give up your tit for tat

You’ll be too late to save them now
The mother or your friend
You’ll blame yourself for both their deaths
You’re right, it is the end

The hour has come for me to run
Though fun I’ve had with rhyme
For like they say, it’s “Bombs away”
Try working on your time.

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