5 Corporations that Ruined Love

Resident Evil wallpaper.

1. MomCorp (Futurama)

You’d think most moms would love to see their sons or daughters married, but not this one. Since Walt will only marry someone like Mom (and if there was anyone else like her, she would have fed the woman to the nearest El Chupanibre), Larry is only interested in someone already taken, and Igner… well, I’m not even convinced he understands what love is… it seems MomCorp broke these men for love. The likely reason? GrandMomCorp doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it.

2. Blue Sun Corp (Firefly)

Here you are on Valentine’s Day, sipping Blue Sun branded cola at the Blue Sun cafe with your significant other. The sun is setting in a glorious display of red and gold and you cannot imagine how lucky you are to find yourself in such a utopia. God bless the Alliance and God bless the Blue Sun Cor… wait… what is that?

Let’s just say love hurts, especially when your name is Miranda.

3. Umbrella Corporation (Resident Evil)

Just when you think that latest red lipstick is safe for your date, think again. We all know cosmetics companies may start with the purest of love-filled intentions, but it is nearly inevitable that they end up creating underground experimental laboratories and eventually release a t-virus on the general populace.

Thanks, Umbrella Corporation; we may love Milla, but we know you ruined love.

4. The Jedi Order (Star Wars)

Anakin just wanted to love Padme okay! But nooooo attachments to other individuals through love and marriage is forbidden. Well, look how that turned out for you. Order 66 anyone?

5. Wolfram and Hart (Angel)

Do not let the upcoming fictional-lawyer-turned-real-world-princess deceive you about fictional law corporations and their evil intent (shout out to Princess-to-be Markle). Most fictional law corporations will at best make allowances for lust, but love is right out. However, one law firm sticks out above all others in their denial for love.

You simply cannot expect to share your heart and soul with a significant other when half of that equation has literally been sold as part of your signing contract to the firm.

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